Home School and Field Trip Opportunities

Bring your school group to the center for a unique, hands-on learning experience. 

Field trips are 2.5 hours including a picnic lunch. Our workshops can handle between 10 and 60 students at one time. Teachers or coordinators choose one of the following themes:

$12/student (50-60 students or more $8/student)
Teachers and Adult Chaperones Free

[email protected] for reservations and available dates

Mississippi Natural Habitats (ages 7-15) - Learn what a habitat is and what humans and animals need to survive. Find, create, and evaluate habitats based on these needs with a series of fun and engaging activities.

Where Does My Food Come From? (ages 6-8, 9-12, 13-16) - Trace the ingredients of a meal back to their origins in the soil, reflecting on the connections between food, agriculture and ecosystems. Participate in a series of activities designed to let kids answer the questions: Where does my food come from? Why is it important? How does what I choose to eat impact my health and the health of others?

Child Versus Wild (all ages) - What if you were dropped off in the Mississippi woods miles from anywhere. How would you survive? Take the child vs. wild challenge and build confidence, learn new skills, and strengthen relationships in your group. Perfect for youth groups.

Big House in the Little Woods (all ages)- Go back in time and experience homesteading pre-electricity. How did people stay cool and warm? How did they preserve food? What kind of games did they play before video games? What kind of skills did they need?

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