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These workshops are designed to get everyone into the kitchen!
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An Introduction to Mushrooms ($55): Participants will be learning about the culinary and medicinal aspects of many different varieties of mushrooms. We will be cooking some of our tastiest gourmet mushrooms and brewing our medicinal mushroom tea. We will also be teaching several home cultivation techniques and have mushroom kits available for purchase. March 23rd 3-5pm

Fine Milk Cultures ($45): Comfort foods! The class will make yoghurt, kefir and a simple soft cheese while discussing the use of fresh and pasteurized animal milks. You will learn starter and incubating options, how to capture whey for other ferments and how to select and nurture the best starter for your particular culturing needs. The health discussion here will focus on how fermented foods help heal the gut and the special role milk ferments play in this process. A more in-depth experience with cheese making comes in a separate class. April 4th 5:30- 8:30pm

Probiotics Primer ($40): Join Lindsay for a workshop on how to ‘garden’ your gut to encourage beneficial bacteria by integrating prebiotic and probiotic foods into your regular diet.  We’ll go over broad-spectrum probiotics, lacto-fermentation, soil bacteria, and prebiotic foods.  Saturday April 6th 2-5 pm

Vegetable Ferments ($45): Explore the infinite variety and tastes of vegetable ferments using brine, whey, commercial starters and no-salt/no-starter methods. Experience making kvass, kraut, live-culture pickles and chow-chow, while learning practical tips on timing, storing and crock-versus-jar methods. How does fermentation enhance nutrients and transform toxins? How do we cultivate beautiful ferments and serve them appealingly? Join us hands-on in the kitchen for lively learning and discussion. April 21st 3pm - 6pm

Bountiful Cultured Beverages ($45): Get ready for summer. This is the class for kid-friendly, non-alcoholic beverages like yoghurt smoothies, cultured fruit coolers and bubbly water kefirs. For those who crave sweet tea or diet soda we’ll ferment Lipton’s under a fungus to get probiotic-rich kombucha. For the curious health seeker there will be kvass, rejuvelac and frothy yoghurt. Move over soda pop!
May 9th 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Wine Enthusiasm- This course will help you navigate and decipher the wonderful world of wine. Participants will learn: the basics about how wine is grown and processed, tasting techniques and wine snob lingo, how to purchase wines that you and your guests will enjoy at the store and restaurant, and wine and food pairing combinations that will excite your palate. Participants will sip many varietals of wine and learn to taste and describe each ones different characteristics. Learn to appreciate wine in a non-intimidating atmosphere and soon you will be sipping like a pro. Participants must be at least 21. $40 Friday May 24th at 6:30pm.  Kym Fobian, 719-331-1746, [email protected]

Seal and Heal the Gut ($40): Join Lindsay Wilson for a workshop on how to use the 5 R’s to seal and heal the gut for proper gut function, nutrition assimilation and absorption, and proper digestion and elimination.  Also, come to learn about a few diets that help people with acute food allergies, celiac disease or gluten-intolerance.  Lindsay will cite the work of Dr. Natasha-Campbell McBride, Sally Fallon, and others to relay the current status of health research.  June 1st,  3:00-6:00pm

Home Cheese Making ($45): Among all of the projects that brave home cooks take on in the privacy of their own kitchens, cheese-making seems to be one of the more intimidating and avoided.  There are cultures, temperatures and butterfat percentages to consider... right?  Don't worry, if you've ever baked a cake, you can master cheese-making.  It's a great skill to add to your repertoire, and homemade cheeses are versatile and easily customized to your particular liking.  Cheese-making is also a fun and rewarding process that the whole family can participate in, and it's a great learning experience for kids and adults alike! This workshop will focus on three basic cheeses which are easy to recreate at home - chevre, feta and mozzarella.  It's hard to believe that such delicious cheeses can be made so simply, but after you taste your first batch of fresh cheese, you'll never feel the same way about the store-bought stuff. Students will leave with basic cheese-making knowledge and skills as well as resources for finding fresh, local milk and cheese-making tools. TBA

Basic Home Beer Brewing -
June 8, 2013, 3:30-7:30 PM 

Sliding Scale $35-$55 Pay anything you can in this range

Tasting Classic Beers (Alehouse Session) -

May 31st, 2013 6:00-8:00 PM


Tasting Classic Beers (Continental Session) -

June 15, 2013, 6:00-8:00 PM 


July 27, 1pm-3pm

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